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If you’re ready to do some SPRING CLEANING, you’ll need to gather your tools. I find it most effective to gather from tools I have and then assess the situation and see if I need to get anything else. This ensures that I am ready to do a little bit of cleaning every day and stay on track to meet my goal of having the whole house spring-cleaned by the end of April in under 30 minutes a day. Grab a container, a basket, or a cleaning caddy and collect the tools you’ll need for spring cleaning. You can carry this from room to room with you or keep it in a mudroom or storage closet and just take out what’s needed each day.

Spring Cleaning Caddy via Clean Mama

The best tools for spring cleaning also happen to be some of my favorite cleaning tools. I am guessing you have a few of these already and if you don’t and you don’t have the budget for anything new, make do with what you have. Spring cleaning is mostly about dusting and vacuuming and cleaning those not-cleaned-very-often places in our homes. If you do end up purchasing new, you’ll have great all-purpose cleaning tools to use all year long.

The Best Tools for Spring Cleaning - details - via Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s Favorite Spring Cleaning Tools

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