I know that this is the time of the year when it feels like the wheels are starting to fall off. Kids are finishing up school, spring sports are in full swing, there are end of the year festivities…. If you’re like me, I’m also trying to finish up some home and work projects so I can really enjoy the summer with my kids. The last couple weeks I’ve found myself going back to my proven reset method for getting myself back on track and I thought that you might want to use my method too. The method is simple, targeted, and effective and designed to help you transform your mess once and for all. I turned this method into my Jumpstart Your Routine course and shared it with you less than a year ago and you guys have been loving it.

I have some exciting updates coming early fall and I will be increasing the price – if you want IN now, you can get started with the course at almost 50% off and then you will have full access when it’s updated.  No coupon code needed – it’s already discounted – yay!

Through Friday, May 17th Jumpstart Your Routine is priced at just $54.99 (no coupon code needed) – the regular price is $99
(Full disclosure: The price this week is going to be about 3x LESS than what it is when it’s re-launched.)

As an added bonus, I will be doing 2 live Q+A sessions in the private Facebook group to help you get started the week of May 20th – the sessions will be May 20th and May 23rd. I can’t wait to see you in there!

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I’m known for my cleaning routine but through the years I’ve heard from so many of you that feel like you can’t find a way to start there or get started at all. The method I personally use to get myself back on track is what I share with you – use it to reset your home quickly and keep it clean moving forward with my cleaning routine. With 8 easy-to-follow modules and a complete PDF guide to follow, Jumpstart Your Routine will take your home from cluttered, messy, and beyond what seems possible to tidy to calm, cozy, and ready for a cleaning routine. If you feel like you’re drowning in your home, don’t know how or where to start, and are just sick and tired of feeling like this and are ready for a change, this course is for you! If you are ready for real change and done with the mess, I know that Jumpstart Your Routine will work for you!

If you need to reset your home for the summer or if you’ve been dealing with this all-consuming feeling that you can’t get come up for air let alone clean a room for a long time. If you’re the person out there that’s done with it and doesn’t want to feel like this anymore, this course is for you.

I absolutely love helping you feel more confident in your home and spend LESS time cleaning and more time doing what you enjoy doing. But I know that sometimes you feel overwhelmed with all that there is to do. That feeling of not knowing where to even start? That heavy feeling of overwhelm when you walk in your door and see the same mess you’ve been looking at on your counter for the last week? I can tell you from my own research of thousands and thousands of readers and customers that you might be in this same spot too. When I say clean your bathrooms on Monday, you can’t do that because your bathroom counters are too full of stuff to even think about cleaning.

The course is 8-modules / videos of me sitting down and talking you through each step. You’ll go step-by-step, in order – complete the task with your schedule and then move on to the next task. Included is the most darling guide, complete with tasks and checklists designed to remove the overwhelm.

Here’s how the course is laid out:

We start with eliminating distractions, do a quick 15-minute declutter to gain momentum and then we’ll tackle the laundry mountain. Once we’re moving in the right direction I’m going to help you declutter your home a little bit every day. Next up? Clear surfaces (no more piles), then comes food storage because without a decluttered kitchen and food storage space you’ll be swimming uphill. Once you have the kitchen and food storage managed we’re going to deal with incoming paper and set up a plan. Last step? Finish 3 things and we’ll also talk about saying no to other things too so you don’t get back in this place again. At the end of the course we’re going to talk about setting up a daily cleaning routine – but the best thing is that through this series you’ll be starting that without even knowing it.

Here’s a peek at the topics:

A couple questions you might have…..

Q: Can you do the course with kids in the house?
A: ABSOLUTELY! I encourage including your kids in the cleaning/decluttering process – teach them how!

Q: How long is each module? 
A: Under 10 minutes – get the info, grab your guide and get started! I’m all about action and making changes that work and stick.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the course?
A: There isn’t a time limit – each person and house is different but I do encourage you to complete every task before moving on. This is intentional and it will help you conquer the clutter and overwhelm for good.

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