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Getting Ready for Spring - 7 Musts for Spring Preparations via Clean Mama

This year I’m so ready for spring. It’s been a long winter in the Midwest and I’m ready to have the windows open and let all that spring air in. If you’ve been following along with my spring cleaning series you know that there are lots of things that we can be doing to prepare our homes for this season.

My musts for spring preparations?

  • clean carpets – I spot clean the carpets and this year I am having them professionally cleaned.
  • completely dust the house – top down (ceiling to floor) dust removal, including blinds, windows, doors, and trim
  • launder all bedding and rotate mattresses
  • wash throw blankets and throw pillows
  • wash or vacuum vents
  • vacuum and wash baseboards
  • get rid of allergens – dust, pollen, etc.

One thing that I am especially excited about this spring is that I have Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers on my furnaces. So the spring cleaning task of ‘get rid of allergens’ is taken care of for me. We’ve seen such a difference in our air quality and I’m especially excited to see how well the whole system works once the windows are opened up. Typically when a person does spring cleaning, the intention is to get rid of dust and any remnant of winter. Spring cleaning is especially effective for dust and allergen removal, but not every speck of dust can possibly be removed. This is where the Aprilaire system and products come in to play – they take care of all that dust that is stirred up in spring cleaning and remove it from the air, creating a breathable home. I love that! When we had our kitchen under a mini-renovation, I turned the air purifier on constant clean to ensure that the adhesive smell was minimized and to keep the dust out of the air. I cannot tell you what a difference that made – it was instantly less stinky and the dust wasn’t everywhere. We have the air purifiers set to cycle every 30 minutes but there are settings for allergies and constant cleaning. This is great for this time of year – constantly cleaning allergens out of my home? Sign me up!

I can tell you that I have experienced this firsthand over the past few months – my kids have been healthier, the house hasn’t been nearly as dusty, and I can already tell that this allergy season will be much easier to tolerate. Instead of flying around the house, dust and pollen has a place to go. I can open my windows and not worry about pollen and allergens being trapped inside my house. My Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers have that spring cleaning task taken care of for me. If you have any questions about Aprilaire or the air quality in your home, I encourage you to consult a local Aprilaire Comfort Advisor and see what they suggest for your home. You’ll be glad you did!