If you have spent any time on my blog or social media accounts, you may have noticed that I love using DIY cleaners. Throughout the years that I have been concocting and making my own cleaners, one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for glass spray bottles. On the fence about using glass spray bottles and wondering just why you should make the switch from plastic to glass? Keep reading.

Longevity and Safety:

Plastic is composed of a number of chemicals, most of which are hard to pronounce. When certain ingredients come in to contact with plastic, it can cause the plastic to break down and infiltrate the contents of the container. Using essential oils in your cleaning supplies can add a lovely, non-irritating scent to your home, but they can also permeate whatever container they are in. Glass does not react with any DIY cleaning ingredients or essential oils so you can always be assured of that. While not every DIY cleaner stored in plastic will have adverse effects, there are enough of them that can so I steer away from using plastic whenever I can.


Perhaps the biggest misconception about glass spray bottles is that they are fragile. People are worried that they are going to shatter  if bumped or dropped. Can glass bottles be fragile and highly breakable? The short answer to that is yes they can be if they aren’t made of high quality, thick glass. There is a big difference in quality from one brand to the other. I worked hard to source the best glass bottle option I could find and offer in my shop. I have used, refilled and washed my glass spray bottles literally hundreds of time. I have even dropped them on wood and tile floor and have yet to break one. If you are going to use glass spray bottles, be sure to use a durable and thick one like this one.  I don’t hesitate to let my kids use them when they are helping me clean and am happy to report no breakage from them handling them either.


If you look in the cleaning supply aisle at Target, Walmart or your local grocery store, you are bound to see some plastic spray bottle options out there. They may be made of a soft, flexible plastic or a more rigid plastic. While the low price can certainly be appealing in the moment, they simply aren’t made for longevity.  While you may initially spend less up front, you will most likely be replacing them significantly sooner and several times over. Glass can literally last years with the proper care while plastic is just not designed to do so.


Not all sprayers are created equal.  I searched for months before finally finding the sprayer that is on all the Clean Mama spray bottles.  It sturdy, feels good to hold in your hand – I find that most sprayers aren’t comfortable to hold because the plastic cuts into my hand.  My sprayer does not – it’s smooth and easy to use.  It also has a spray, stream, and off to choose from – I like spray for large surfaces and stream for tighter spaces.

Interested in checking out my favorite, most often used glass spray bottle? This is it!

This is one of my newest additions to my shop: Clean Mama’s Make Your Own Cleaner Spray Bottle

Four of my favorite DIY cleaner recipes are printed directly on the bottle to make whipping up your own cleaners a breeze.

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