I have a small cabinet in the kitchen that houses a few special glassware pieces. Even though it has doors on it, there was a thin layer of dust on all the pieces. (How does that happen?)  During my spring cleaning frenzy I emptied it out and wiped down the shelves. I was going to bring the glassware to the sink to wash all the pieces when it hit me – these are mostly for decoration. When we do take something down to use we wash it first.

Is there an easier way that I could be cleaning these pieces? As you can most likely tell from the picture I grabbed a microfiber cloth and I misted it with a teeny, tiny bit of plain water. I wiped the inside and outside of the glasses and what do you know? Perfectly dust-free, shiny and ready to go back in the cabinet. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend washing dishes or glasses like this before use, but for decoration it’s a perfect cleaning solution!


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