First things first, with three kids and the end of the summer, I wouldn’t exactly say the kids’ rooms are clutter-free but we do know how to get them there in a hurry. Concentrating on these 5 areas are a great place to start for an end of summer reckoning or anytime you feel like they need a little reset.

  • Sort and Organize Toys:  Involve your child in sorting their toys into categories. Keep favorites and donate seldom-used items.
  • Bookshelf Cleanup: Donate or sell books they’ve outgrown. Keep the favorites and new ones to read. Kids can help sort and organize by author, size of books, color, etc.
  • Art Supply Organization: Organize craft supplies in clear bins. Toss out anything broken or dried out.

  • Closet and Clothes: Sort clothes by size and season. Donate clothes that are too small or not worn. Hand-me-downs: Keep a bin in the closet for putting outgrown clothes and once it’s filled up label and store it.

  • Weekly Cleaning Habit:  Encourage your child(ren) to clean as they go. Put things away after they use them and make it a habit to put things back after use. As they get older, introduce them to the Clean Mama Routine – they can assist on the Daily & Weekly Tasks.

Ready for a little refresh? What area do struggle the most with with kids rooms?  Have something to share that might be helpful? Share it in the comments!

Join us in Homekeeping Society this month, the Monthly Focus is Closets and we’re working on them all month long.