When making changes in our homes and trying out a new way of doing things, it’s helpful to have a replacement that does the same job (or better). Today’s post shares a couple of my favorite simple swaps. These products are easy to find, probably work better than what you are using, and are perfect for getting started with your healthy home.

Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home is my brand-new book full of healthy home swaps and ideas for simple ways for you to incorporate safe choices in your home.

I’ve linked up some of my favorite kitchen swaps at the bottom of the post if you’re interested.

Glass Containers for Plastic
Reheating and storing leftovers and food prep in plastic can add more than you think to your food – chemicals and plastic. Swap glass storage containers – they last forever, wash up easily and can usually be heated in the oven.

Reusable Bags for One-Use Bags
If you brown bag it, opt for reusable sandwich and lunch bags. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be transporting your lunch in a safe container and you’ll get a gold eco-friendly star.

Stainless Steel for Plastic Straws
Straws are so convenient but disposable ones are becoming a big problem environmentally. Switch to a washable, reusable variety like stainless steel or glass or use paper instead of plastic when you need a disposable straw.

I like these (image via Amazon) because they come with a mini brush to clean them

Reusable Grocery Bags for Plastic
Put those reusable grocery and produce bags in your purse or car so you don’t forget them at the grocery store. Make sure you launder them frequently to keep germs off your food and counters.

Bar Mop Towels for Paper Towels
Bar Mop towels make a great substitute for paper towels. Roll them up and put them where you used to keep your paper towels and you’ll find that you’re reaching for the towels instead of the paper.

Cloth for Paper Napkins
Up your dinner table game by adding a basket with cloth napkins on the table. Putting them out makes it easier to use. Put a basket or a bin for dirty napkins in an easy to access place for you to toss the dirty ones for the laundry.



What healthy swap are you going to start with?