If you’re feeling overwhelmed with holiday decorating or want to keep your home a little simpler this season, concentrating on a couple areas in the home can keep things more manageable. I like to add a couple touches to the kitchen to add a little cheer in a minimal way. Hot drinks, cute mugs, a candle, and tea towels do the trick.  Come see my favorites for a holiday kitchen….

  1. Rosemary & Pine Candle – A safe and eco-friendly holiday candle, perfect for the kitchen.
  2. Gingerbread Syrup and Peppermint Syrup – a treat for your coffee or hot chocolate this Season.
  3. Wooden Mug Tree – I bought this last Christmas and thought I’d put it away in January but we’ve kept it out on the counter. So cute and adds a homey touch.
  4. Holiday Tea – I love a hot beverage in the late afternoon and this tea is my favorite for the season.
  5. Wood Cookbook Holder – Every kitchen needs a cookbook holder. I like to keep a holiday recipe displayed to remind me to make something yummy. 
  6. Spode Christmas Tree Dishes – Do you do holiday dishes? I’ve been collecting Spode for my entire adult life, adding a plate or two and a mug every year. I finally have a complete set and love using it during the month of December.
  7. Cotton Tea Towel – I buy a Rifle Paper holiday tea towel every Christmas for me and one for my mom and sister. They make a fun hostess or Thanksgiving weekend gift.
  8. Breville Espresso Machine – I’ve been singing the praises of this appliance for years – it’s my favorite. Keep an eye out for sales and snag it if you see it on sale. If ours broke today I would go out and buy another one immediately.
  9. Stainless Steel Tea Kettle – I love a tea kettle on the back of the stove. If you have a HomeGoods near you, these are frequently at ours for a great price.
  10. White Christmas Tea – One or two holiday teas? I say two! Options for the winter months and options for entertaining.
  11. Christmas Baking Cookbook – I have a little stack of Christmas cookbooks – they’re fun to peruse and pick and choose a new recipe or two from and they look festive displayed on the cookbook stand.
  12. Christmas Mugs – Christmas and holiday mugs are a great way to add a little holiday decor without a lot of clutter. These are so cute!

Do you use Like It to Know It (LTK)? It’s a super fun way to share favorite products – I have 5 Christmas inspiration boards on there and all sorts of cleaning and organizing boards. Follow along!