If you were to pop over to our home after Thanksgiving, chances are that you would be greeted by the sounds of Christmas music playing in the background (as well as the sounds of chaos from three kids and a dog). My family really enjoys music and we especially love Spotify for creating all sorts of playlists to set the mood for different holidays, events, and moods.  Hey, if you feel motivated to clean with a little festive music, I’m here for it.  I’d start with Simply Nostalgic Christmas 🙂

Today I am sharing with you two of my favorite playlists for the season, one cozy and one nostalgic. Whether you are listening in the car, as you get dinner ready or in the quiet of the evening, it is my hope that these playlists will help you enjoy the warmth and peace that this season brings.

(Not a Spotify member?  You can still play the playlists, you’ll just have an ad sprinkled in every now and then.)