Homekeeping Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season via Clean Mama

The Organically Clean Home has been out for a little over 6 months, and just a year ago I was turning over the manuscript to the publisher. Have you purchased it? Do you love it? How about giving it as a gift! We’re heading into that busy holiday season and I thought I’d give you a couple ideas of ways you can use The Organically Clean Home as a gift. Shoot, you should probably just purchase a few copies to have on hand for gifts (ha!).

I am a big fan of giving consumable gifts – gifts that get used up. Fancy hand soaps and lotions, candles, food, spices, condiments and other items that the recipient will use and might not buy for him/herself. No clutter left behind and a little something special for as long as it lasts. So these cleaning-related gifts fit the bill for the consumable gift giver in me. I have a handful of ideas, but all you really need are a couple foundation pieces and I bet you can come up with the perfect gift for your recipient too!

Disclaimer:  Cleaning products as a gift are not for everyone, but for that friend or family member that loves things like this, it’s a perfect gift.

Ingredient Ideas for Homekeeping Gifts via Clean Mama

Gather some of your favorite items to clean with and put together a unique and personal gift this holiday season! Here are some of my recommended ideas (you’ll see links at the bottom of the post if you are interested in purchasing any of these items):

  • The Organically Clean Home (of course!)
  • caddy or container – the ones you see in my pictures are from the dollar section at Target – they were $3 and I just got them this week.
  • microfiber cloths
  • small dusting wand
  • sponges
  • dish cloths and dish towels
  • white vinegar
  • castile soap (bar and liquid)  – you can find the little travel sized castile soap in the travel section at Target.
  • spray bottles
  • essential oils
  • super washing soda
  • borax
  • epsom salts
  • small notebook (the one pictured is from Staples)
  • twine and washi tape for cute wrapping and details

Give the Gift of The Organically Clean Home this Holiday Season via Clean Mama

JUST THE BOOK – wrap with a little twine or in a dishtowel and you’ve got a fun little gift.

DIY Cleaning Gift Kit via Clean Mama

DIY CLEANING GIFT – mix up your favorite recipe and give it away with the ingredients you used to make it.

Great Ideas for Hostess Gift via Clean Mama

ULTIMATE CLEANING GIFT – put together your favorites tools and products in your price range. Give a handful of ingredients that are needed to make some of your favorite recipes. Put in a cute caddy or container and you have the perfect hostess gift or other holiday or birthday gift. If you have a friend that enjoys homekeeping, this might be just the gift to give.

Ideas for Cleaning Gift Basket via Clean Mama

Most of these items can be found on my Amazon favorites page. Go here to see more DIY cleaning recipes and ideas.

Have another idea for incorporating The Organically Clean Home in a gift? Share in the comments!