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Welcome to Homekeeping Society

Your secret to getting things done

Homekeeping Society is a monthly subscription designed to help you get your home and life in order. I created an organizational system that keeps me on task, and helps me figure out how to catch up when I fall behind.

Keeping a home clean can be both rewarding and frustrating

Sure, it’s possible to get your home clean, but to keep it that way can be the biggest challenge. Throw in the additions of busy schedules, jobs, kids, chaos and lack of time and it can feel downright defeating many days. Why bother cleaning when it’s only going to be a mess again the next day?

I understand just where you are coming from. Keeping your home clean while maintaining your sanity can be incredibly stressful. You may feel as though you can’t do anything right when it comes to maintaining a clean, organized, and welcoming home and even if you could find the time, you wouldn’t know where to start.

Homekeeping Society

Do you struggle to find time to take care of your home?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better, faster, or easier way?

I get it. When it comes to keeping up with things around the house it’s hard to figure out what to do and when to do it, especially when you’re juggling jobs, a family, appointments, sports, and everything else. I created Homekeeping Society because I wanted someone to tell ME what to clean and when to clean it. I kept looking for that perfect system that would help me keep my house clean and never found something realistic or attainable. So I created it.

Ten years later, Homekeeping Society is the perfected, tried and true system that simplifies homekeeping and will become YOUR secret to getting things done.

As a homekeeping society member, you'll receive:

Emails & Discounts

You’ll receive an email on the 15th of each month with the upcoming month’s Homekeeping Society packet linked. Click the link and print out your guide for the month ahead. You’ll also be in the know about member only sales and discounts on Clean Mama products.

Cover page, monthly focus& quick tips

The cover page is great for putting in your binder or homekeeping notebook. Every month will focus on a room or area in the home – the monthly focus page lays it out and gives you quick tips to make it happen.

To-do list & daily planner

Every month features a new and highly functional to do list along with a daily planner which great for those busy days (or every day!). The daily planner includes a schedule, to dos, notes, errands, and meals.

Weekly docket

Sunday + Monday starts are included – use this weekly docket to see your whole week and schedule on a page. Includes phone calls, emails, appointments, and planning for the next week.

Weekly + Monthly Menu Plan & 2 Monthly Calendars

Includes a list for recipe ideas or ingredients to pick up and a menu planning quick tip to implement for the month. 1 blank & 1 pre-filled; perfect for planners Includes suggested daily cleaning tasks, weekly cleaning tasks, rotating cleaning tasks, organizing suggestions.

Seasonal Preparations Printable & All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

A helpful seasonal prep printable is always included in the monthly subscription – perfect for placing in a binder. I share a DIY cleaning recipe or two every month tailored to the monthly focus.

Texted Tasks

Daily text task reminders sent to your phone. Opt-in by texting a keyword to a phone number and you’ll receive a text every morning with the day’s cleaning task and a tip or two. You’ll love these simple reminders to keep you on track!

Kitchen Sink Quote

A well designed quote of the month; 5×7 Frame and put at your kitchen sink or tape to your fridge to give you a little motivation and inspiration for the month.

Private Facebook Group

Exclusive access to a small, intimate group to discuss the month’s tasks and to hold each other accountable. A monthly LIVE session on the first weekday of the month with Becky (Clean Mama) to get answers and tips in real time and discuss the month ahead.

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Please note: Upon registration you will receive an email that will need further action to process payment and access the download. Please check your inbox!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

Once you place your order, you will be guided to your portal via email confirmation where you can download the current and previous month’s (for the year) downloads. You will also receive an email on the 15th of the month with the next month’s subscription. This email also includes tips and blog post links to help you get started!

What is the commitment?

This is a no-commitment subscription – cancel anytime on your download screen. However, if you choose to subscribe for the year in advance and receive the discount, you can cancel but it is non-refundable.

a sneak peek at what’s included

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