May 11, 2016

Hotel Room Hot Spots : What to Clean + How to Clean It

Hotel Room Hot Spots - what to clean and how to clean it - Clean Mama

With travel and vacation season upon us, I have a couple tips for what to quickly clean when you check into a hotel room. In my opinion and after seeing some icky things in hotel rooms, I think it’s fair to say that there are a couple things I keep in my overnight/carry-on bag just for doing a quick once-over of germy hotel spots. Let’s face it. No one likes to be sick on vacation and if taking a couple steps to prevent catching something icky, sign me up. Bonus: if you’re flying, grab an alcohol wipe and give your airplane tray and seat handles a swipe if you’re so inclined.

Bring these things along:

  • small bag or pouch (to hold items)
  • zip top bag – some experts recommend putting the tv remote in a zip top bag in lieu of cleaning it since it’s probably the dirtiest thing in the hotel room
  • cleaning wipes or spray (look for travel size if you’re flying) – if you like to DIY your cleaners, put your favorite cleaner in a little travel sized spray bottle.
  • alcohol wipes (my preference is to use these wipes for all my hotel cleaning so I bring along a little stack)

Put Supplies in a Bag - Clean Mama

Clean these areas:

CLEAN THE BATHROOM – spray or wipe the seat, wipe the toilet handle, wipe the sink and handles, counters, and rinse out the bathtub (squirt a bit of shampoo or bring along some dish soap and rinse thoroughly).

WIPE MOST TOUCHED AREAS – door knobs, light switches, phone, alarm clock, tv remote, mini refrigerator…

CHECK FOR BEDBUGS – remove the bedspread and put it on a chair (these don’t typically get laundered in between guests), check under the sheets and mattress pad (ew, I know). If you spot anything suspicious and bedbug-esque, request a new room or leave the hotel.

DRINKING GLASSES – these don’t always get washed in between guests (yuck). Either look for sealed glasses or wash them thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Once you’ve given your hotel room a quick once-over, relax and enjoy your vacation! Anything you’d add to the list?

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