Why Would a Person Want to Do Laundry Every Day?
  • no mountains of laundry to deal with
  • clothes are washed more frequently, so stains don’t set
  • it’s a routine – you are more likely to continue it once you start 
  • less – “I don’t have any clean socks, pants….”
  • no less baskets of clothes in corners of rooms that need to be folded
  • clean clothes that are put away gives you a feeling of accomplishment
  • more frequent laundry = smaller loads = less time folding and putting away
How Does a Person Do Laundry Every Day?
  • come up with a system – time of day that it works and how you will approach it

  • 5 people in the family/5 days of the work week = everyone gets a day and then sheets and towels are done on Saturdays
  • I do laundry in the very early morning or evening
  • the kids have one little laundry basket each and all their clothes get tossed in the laundry unsorted (whites/darks/brights together) and I run the washing machine on COLD water – if they have a new outfit, that gets washed by itself first
  • my husband and I each have a hamper that’s divided into two sections – whites and brights/darks – I wash our clothes separately and on separate days as two loads each (whites and brights/darks)
  • I love the way my detergent and softener smell, so that helps for some reason 
  • I try to put laundry away right after it comes out of the dryer, otherwise it will sit – making sure laundry is not wrinkly is motivating for me (does that make me weird?)
So how about you? How do you do laundry? What’s your system? Does it work?