With a printables business, I’m bound to receive lots of printable-related questions, one very popular question is, “How can I print more than one page on a sheet?” This works especially well for multi-page documents like calendars and planners. It’s super easy, and while all printers are a little different, hopefully my instructions will work for your printer too!

First off, you need a pdf printable to try this out – go to my free printable page to snag one to try out, open it up and come back to this post.

Open Your PDF document

Start by opening your pdf document.

go to file and print - clean mama

Go to ‘file’ and ‘print’ – just like you’d normally print a document.

printing more than one page on a sheet

Then instead of printing right away, go the multiple button and choose how many pages per sheet you’d like. (I chose 2 per page – this will make the pages A5 or 5.5×8.5.)  Then select print.

Once I printed the pages, I cut them with my paper cutter, punched holes, and put the calendar in an A5 binder.

How to Print 2+ PDFs on One Page - Clean Mama

I used the 2014 Banner Calendar in the shop to demonstrate this if you’re interested.

2014 banner calendar

Have you seen my shop? It’s full of organizing printable goodness!