With a printables business, I’m bound to receive lots of printable-related questions, but the number one question is, “how do I change the size of my printables”, or “can I put your 8.5×11 pdf in my 5.5×8.5″ planner?” And the answer is YES! It’s super easy, and while all printers are a little different, hopefully my instructions will work for your printer too!

First off, you need a pdf printable to try this out – go to my free printable page to snag one to try out, open it up and come back to this post.

Go to ‘file’ and ‘print’ – just like you’d normally print a document.

Then instead of printing right away, go the the properties button.

Then find the page layout section and reduce or enlarge your document to the desired size – I chose 5.5×8.5″ because that seems to be what most people want to change their printables to. Then click ‘ok’ and print away.

Want to see what happens?

 Same pdf printable, just a different size – pretty neat, huh?

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