Today I’d like to answer a couple questions that I have received repeatedly about my printables. So bear with me as I interview myself…..
What’s your favorite kit?
Can I pick 2? Okay, The New Cleaning Kit – I’m really excited about how it turned out – I love the format and design.
and the Budget + Bill Pay Kit. I especially like the Bill and Payment Chceklist – it has simplified my bill paying tremendously.
Is everything in your Starter Kit?
No, I have over a hundred original printables in my shop and the Starter Kit is just a way to get “started” using printables. The Starter Kit includes 4 of my most popular kits – the Busy Mama Kit, the New Cleaning Kit, the New Menu Planning Kit and the Christmas Kit (which can be substituted for ANY other kit in the shop with 5 or less documents if you’d like). If you want to start a homekeeping binder and don’t know where to begin, it’s quite a bargain. 39 documents for $50.
Do you use ALL your printables?
I’ve used all of them at some time as I am testing them out for usability, functionality and as I am tweaking the format. I don’t use them all simultaneously. I have my favorites!
Are you really that organized?
Yes, and no. I love systems, routine, schedules and all things organized, but I’m human. I have a hubby, 2 small children, and a dog. And sometimes I don’t care about organization and cleaning – I’m sure you’re the same way. Routines are broken, messes are made and life happens. It’s okay – the best thing about a routine or schedule is that you can hop right on the schedule and routine train the next day or week or month. Once a system is in place, it’s easy to fall back into it.
Can you show me how you use your printables?
I have a Homekeeping Binder where I keep the printables that are in my rotation. I consult this weekly and monthly as I’m planning menus, cleaning, paying bills and scheduling. Here’s a link to a post I did awhile back about the binder – the New Cleaning and Meal Planning Kits aren’t shown, but you get the idea.
I like the idea of printables, but I don’t want to print a lot. Any ideas?
Laminate or put your printable(s) under glass – like in a frame –  and use a dry erase or permanent marker to fill in details. When the week or month is over, wipe clean and start again the next week or month. I use this laminator (I bought it at Costco for under $20) – I’ve seen it at Joann Fabrics – great deal if you have a coupon.)
I only want one printable from a kit – will you sell just one document?
I added the ‘Just One’ printable – it’s $3 for ANY single page document in the shop.
Any new kits I can look forward to?
I’m working on a new kit that’ll be released August 1st, but you’ll have to wait. Sorry.
Do you do custom orders?
Yes, I charge a little more for them, but if you are looking for something specific or personalized, I’d love to create it for you!
I like to have everything on my iPhone/iPad – any chance you’ll go digital?
I’m looking into it.
How about documents where I can type in my own information?
Working on it – I’d love to be able to have some forms be this way and other forms remain as they are. Personally, I really like the process of sitting down and filling in charts and lists and then checking them off. It gives me that sense of accomplishment. I don’t think that I’d turn the computer on and check off something on my to-do list as quickly as I can grab a clipboard and make a little check mark.
Any other printables questions out there for me? Ask away in the comments section and I’ll answer away.
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