The all-new Homekeeping Planner™ is officially out and a lot of you have yours in your hands. I’ve had a couple requests for how I set up and use my planner so I thought it would be fun to show you some glimpses in mine and how I’m using it to plan my days and weeks.

I’ve been experimenting with different writing tools and while I like the look of pen, I use pencil too. You’ll see a little bit of both if you look at my planner – don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a system that works best for you!  I use pencil on our wall calendar for everything and I’ve been going back and forth with pen and pencil in the planner. Bottom line is our schedule is pretty fluid and changing and I like a clean look without things crossed out 🙂

When you get your planner, make sure you check out the back sticker page – you’ll see months there that you can use for the tabs and for the monthly calendar pages.

Here’s how I plan out my week:

I start by jotting down our menu plan – I typically do that on Thursday evening or Friday mornings before grocery shopping on Friday.  If you are struggling with menu planning, make a list of your family favorites and start with those. Look for recipes that you can use for leftovers and/or double up recipes for the freezer. I write our dailies and appointments in pencil and then fill in the circles/dots for color coding who’s doing what. I’m LOVING the flow of the planner and how it works with my work appointments and our life/family stuff.

I pop the dates in, fill in our meals, add my work/life stuff at the top and the kid stuff gets transferred over from our big wall calendar. Everyone gets color-coded and we’re ready for the week. You can see my favorite pencil and pens under the Organizing Favorites section in my Amazon shop.

Here’s last week and this coming week in my Homekeeping Planner™.

I add a check mark on the circle in front of the daily tasks when I’ve completed them. I don’t add a check mark for the schedule – I color code them so at a glance I can see who’s doing what each day. You could use this area for check marks or color code them – it’s designed to be flexible for your days.

This planner is perfect for keeping track of your work schedule, your kid schedule, and your home schedule or any combination of the three. I have always wanted ONE place to keep track things and I don’t always want to take the time to think and write down what the cleaning tasks for each day are – so I took my cleaning routine and turned it into a functional planner for me AND for you!


What are my favorite features? I love that the daily and weekly routine is already in here – no need to write that in, the guesswork is gone. Instead of putting the Weekly Tasks on its ‘day’, I put them at the bottom of each page with a blank checklist for you to add your own tasks to. Do you see the Weekly Tasks at the bottom right of the planner page?

Take care of the dailies and you’ll find that your home is clean most of the time. The size is just right – not too big and not too small with plenty of space for to-dos, notes, and tasks. It’s sturdy but stylish – is that possible? It sure is!

At the back of the planner is a section just for your Homekeeping – you’ll find some instructions and the Monthly Focus – two months to a page – each focus is geared toward an area in your home that you concentrate on for the month and it makes sense for the season. For instance, November – Living Areas is perfect for getting ready for the Holidays and December – Office/Paperwork is great for wrapping up all those end of the year documents.

Have you seen everything in the new paper goods line in the shop? Everything is new!  All new notepads, stickers, and of course the Homekeeping Planner™. Go here to see the collection.

Homekeeping Planner™ Status Update: I should have plenty of planners to go through 2019 but I can’t guarantee how long they’ll last – they’ll be a part of the Sale of the Year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November 27-December 2). Grab one now or set an alarm for the big sale next week!

Here’s a quick video flip-through if you’re curious to see how the planner is in real life:


professional photos from Holly Booth Photography