Are you wanting to do some spring cleaning but not sure how to add it into your cleaning routine? This is a busy time of year, we have full schedules and it’s hard to carve out a little time to spring clean when we might not have time to do anything extra.

All month long I’ve been sharing tips and tricks for spring cleaning – you can find those posts here. It’s easy to say ‘grab a checklist’ and get started, but if you aren’t sure how or where to start, that is overwhelming. I’d love to encourage you and help you add a little spring cleaning into your cleaning routine. It isn’t as difficult as it might sound and the results might surprise you.

If you’re new to the Clean Mama Routine or interested in trying it out, this post 5 Tips for a Clean House (most of the time) is a great place to start!

glass spray bottle | mini notebook | cloths + towels | bucket


  • Make it make sense. If you’re vacuuming or washing floors, vacuum or wash baseboards at the same time. It’ll take more time but you’re taking care of the task while you already have the vacuum out. Washing the sheets? Deep clean the mattress while you have the sheets off.
  • Think of how you’ll feel when you’re done. This is a helpful technique when you’re trying to get motivated – think of how you’ll feel when the job is completed. Will your ’tomorrow self’ be glad you cleaned the vents? Or deep cleaned the carpet? How will that make you feel?
  • Reward yourself. Want to tackle a big job but need a little motivation? Think of something that you want to do and plan for that when you’re done. This doesn’t have to be something big – it can be as simple as a handful of chocolate chips or 30 minutes with a good book.
  • Set a timer. Only have 5 minutes to spend on spring cleaning? Set a timer and see how much you CAN get done. Sometimes that little re-frame from something you can do versus have to do is helpful too!
  • Plan it out. Use the free printable spring cleaning list to get started, make a list and just start!
  • Consider your mindset. Think of your approach to spring cleaning or cleaning in general. You don’t have to get it all done at once and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Put together a cleaning caddy. Put together a bucket or caddy of supplies that you’ll need while you’re spring cleaning. You don’t need to purchase new supplies, just pulling together some essentials is a huge timesaver. Check out my shop here and my spring cleaning favorites on Amazon here 

cleaning cloth kit | set of 3


  • Bring someone along!  Turn on music, put in your earbuds or headphones and call someone, find an accountability partner that motivates you, listen to a podcast, an audiobook, have a favorite movie going in the background, include someone in on the cleaning by getting family members involved.
  • Set a timer. Only have 5 minutes or 15 minutes?  Set a timer and do what you can in that amount of time. If timer goes off and you still want to keep going? Set the timer again and do a little more!
  • Do the small or big thing first. The reason I clean bathrooms on Mondays? It’s my least favorite task but I know that I’m most motivated on Monday and will most likely get it done. If you have a list of tasks, order it from small to large task and decide which end you’d like to start with.

You can see all of my Spring Cleaning Favorites here on my Amazon Favorites page too! Looking for more Spring Cleaning content?


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