Today’s post is a little bit on the organizing side of things. I love a nicely arranged mantle. I try to keep mine neutral and simple so I can easily pop in seasonal decorations without having to re-do the whole thing. So today I’m going to take you through how I arrange my mantle step-by-step, with hopes that it helps you the next time you want to give your mantle a little freshening up or simplifying.
Start by clearing everything off the mantle and cleaning it (add your focal point – large mirror, picture, television….)  Choose your color scheme – mine is cream and brown – very neutral.
Add your largest items on either side – this can be two of the same things if you want it to balance symmetrically or two different things of similar height (candles, vases, pitchers, plants…)
add similar items to balance the first two items – I used a smaller ironware vase and a smaller, but similar candle.
I added a clear vase with plastic crystals to add a little sparkle/reflection and interest.
I also like to add something a little quirky to the mantle – enter, the ironware turtle/frog.
So now I have three items on either side of the mirror – to play by the rules, I’ll add another item with a little color to round out the design and so that I have an odd number of items.
Notice the little fleur de lis – soft aqua – the accent color in our family room. At this point the mantle still needs something, so I add a little greenery to the pitcher.
The completed mantle – ready for any season and decor addition – simple and neutral.
Looking for a little more mantle inspiration? Check out my mantle pinterest board.
(See you back here on Wednesday for the Spring Clean kickoff for March!)