Electronics are dust magnets, they can be difficult to clean and keep clean and their surfaces can be damaged by cleaning them incorrectly. Here’s how to clean most electronic surfaces quickly and with ease. I’m also adding links to my favorite electronic dusting and cleaning products – some links may be affiliate links.

Consult your owner’s manual for directions and never directly spray cleaner on your electronics or devices. Spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth first and wipe in one direction. Turn your electronics off before cleaning – if they are warm or on they aren’t as easy to clean.


Dust with a microfiber cloth or a mitt. Use a soft, small (clean) paintbrush to dust keys and small  crevices. Canned air also works well to dislodge dust and other small debris that can be difficult to remove. Depending on your manufacturer’s suggestion, you can most likely use a barely damp microfiber or screen-safe cloth to effectively clean the screen. Getting the screen wet (or spraying anything on it) will most likely ruin or damage the screen.


Dust with a microfiber wand duster or microfiber cloth starting from the top/left and working down to the bottom. I like using a wand duster when I’m doing weekly dusting to quickly dust TVs. Make sure you start with an not dusting duster to ensure that you aren’t just spreading around dust.


Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Remove any cases and covers. Wipe with a barely damp microfiber cloth and/or a screen wipe (the ones linked and pictured work great!) to effectively clean and disinfect. Wipe any keys or frequently touched areas with a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol wipe to disinfect surfaces. Make sure you aren’t getting any part of the devices wet as it can quickly damage the screens and devices.


Use the vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment to vacuum any dust from behind and under the player. Wipe with a soft, barely damp microfiber cloth.


Use a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol wipe to disinfect surfaces. If you have pesky crevices use a cotton swab or toothpick to dislodge debris.

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