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Carpet cleaning and spring cleaning go hand in hand for me. Carpet cleaning companies recommend cleaning carpets twice a year and/or at least once a year. This is a great recommendation but it can be expensive and a hassle to move furniture and stay off the carpet for hours while it dries. I do recommend getting carpets professionally cleaned when necessary and do so every year or two in our own home but I love being able to clean individual rooms, hallways, and stairs as needed myself and especially in the spring.

How to Clean Your Carpets - Clean Mama

In order to clean your own carpets, you’ll need a carpet cleaning machine. I recommend purchasing one so you have it on hand, but you can also rent them inexpensively at grocery and hardware stores. This is the one (affiliate link) that I wholeheartedly recommend and use in my home. I love that it has a low profile for cleaning under furniture and that it has two cleaning modes – Deep Clean Mode and Express Clean Mode for quick clean-ups. It also maneuvers like a vacuum cleaner, not a bulky carpet cleaner.

ProHeat 2X® Revolution™ Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner | 1548

How to Clean Your Own Carpets

Start in the farthest Corner - Clean Mama

  1. Move any furniture that you can.
  2. Make sure small items are off the floors.
  3. Do a quick vacuum of the room.
  4. Fill up the machine with warm water and the carpet cleaner solution that your machine recommends.
  5. Spot treat any stains.
  6. Start at the farthest corner in the room.
  7. Follow the directions for your machine on how to operate it.
  8. Slowly move the carpet cleaner parallel to the walls so you get those carpet lines.
  9. Go over the carpet with the machine to lift up any additional moisture.
  10. Empty the tank (yuck!), rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely before putting the machine back together.
  11. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  12. Vacuum the carpet to pick up any lint or debris that the carpet cleaner unearthed.
  13. Enjoy your clean carpet!

Empty the Water Tank - Clean Mama

Bissell sent me the ProHeat 2X Revolution to try out. I have been using an older model of the Bissell ProHeat for over 5 years and was excited to try out the new features and improved drying time with the new model. Let me tell you, it’s amazing and a perfect tool to add to your cleaning repertoire!

Most carpet cleaners require that you use their brand of cleaning solution to keep the warranty in tact. I always recommend that BUT if you are looking for a great natural alternative that works amazingly well, try BioKleen’s Carpet & Rug Shampoo.

Tell me – do you clean your own carpets?

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