I love making my own cleaners – I know exactly what is in every product, I can mix up any cleaner anytime I want to (no running out of something or running to the store), and it’s more economical. A couple weeks ago I shared my DIY Cleaning Closet and while it’s pretty and works well for me as a cleaning expert, I wanted to show you how to create a simple and functional DIY cleaning caddy.

If you’re new here, I talk quite a bit about DIY Cleaning – I share recipes here on the blog and I’ve written multiple books that include my recipes as well. This is something I am passionate about for safety and efficacy, as well as knowing exactly what you’re cleaning with. And of course, a DIY cleaner that actually works better than a conventional cleaner, is safe, and cheap?  That’s what I’m after! Let’s pare it down to the necessities and get rid of the rest.

Everything you see here is linked!  I sell most of these products in the Clean Mama Shop, my Favorites Page or I have them listed in my Amazon shop as well.

Start with a container to put your supplies in – I love this cleaning bucket from my shop because it’s large enough to contain a variety of supplies and it looks cute too. Once you have your caddy or bucket, you can add the necessary items to your bucket or caddy.

  • cleaning caddy – I use buckets and totes – use what you love to contain your tools and supplies.
  • glass spray bottles to store DIY cleaners – I love using a color coded cleaning system for my DIY cleaners. You can see this system, my cleaning recipe labels, and spray bottles in my shop here.

  • Cleaning Solutions – you can clean most things with All-Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaning Spray – find my labels here and cleaning concentrate here.
  • Nightly Sink Scrub/Bathroom Scrub recipe – this is a simple DIY that is just the best multi-purpose scrub.  Find the jars and labels here.
  • Oxygen Whitener – This safe and natural powder can be added to laundry to whiten and brighten and it can be used throughout the house to clean everything from toilets to carpets. I keep a small jar of it with a scoop in my DIY Cleaning Caddy.

  • Dish or Castile Soap – it’s amazing what you can clean with warm water and a squirt of soap
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – I use this for disinfecting – simply attach a sprayer and you can use it in sinks, toilets, counters, toothbrushes, etc.
  • White Vinegar – a powerful cleaner, this is a mainstay in my cleaning caddy. I never liked the smell of vinegar, but have found ways to use it effectively and enjoy the scent.
  • Rubbing Alcohol – I also use Everclear and/or Vodka as well for some of my recipes. You can see my DIY Natural Disinfecting Recipe here.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – they make cleaning so much easier – no lint, no streaks, just the best clean.
  • Bar Mop Towels or Cotton Cleaning Cloths – great for cleaning tasks that you don’t want to use microfiber for – I use them in the kitchen and for washing baseboards and doors.
  • Scrub Brushes or Sponges – large and small (or an old toothbrush) – be ready to clean the dirt and grime.

There you have it – a minimalistic approach to a cleaning caddy, complete with everything need to clean just about your entire home. Of course, there are things like a vacuum cleaner, broom, mops, and other larger items that you’ll need, but those won’t fit in the caddy. Head here for all of my favorites and head to my Start Here page for more on what makes the Clean Mama Routine different and doable.