Folding sheets isn’t that difficult but they can be cumbersome and it’s always nicer to put a neatly folded set of sheets on a bed versus a balled up set of sheets on the bed. I’ve found that it’s easier to have a method for folding sheets and stick to that – all the sheets stack up nicely and it’s just simpler to fold, put away and store.

How to Fold Fitted or Flat Sheets

  1. Pull the sheets out of the dryer – try to get them when they’re warm so you don’t have bunched up or wrinkly sheets.
  2. Fold sheets in half the long way.
  3. Fitted sheets – tuck one fitted corner into the other – like a pocket.
  4. Fold the sheet in half again with the fitted corners on the inside.
  5. Fold the sheet in half, bringing the two corners together.
  6. Fold in half again – it should be about 11”x14”, if not, fold it again.
  7. If you’re using a flat sheet, fold it the same way and stack the flat and fitted sheets together or put the flat sheet around the fitted sheet.
  8. Put the extra pillowcase in the sheets or on the top and slide the ‘package’ into the pillowcase.
  9. Place the sets on top of each other on a shelf or in a basket.

Do you use a method for folding sheets?  I find that it’s super helpful just to have a method for folding sheets, even if you don’t use my method, just following a specific way of folding them keeps them neat and tidy on your shelf or wherever you store them.

A couple sheets FAQs:

  • My favorite sheets? Boll & Branch. I love the sheets, duvet covers and duvets.
  • We only use fitted sheets. This makes bed-making easy and simplifies bedding.

  • I wash sheets and towels on Saturdays as part of the Clean Mama Routine. You can see more about the Routine here.
  • I use Clean Mama laundry products to wash sheets. Check them out here. They make sliding into a freshly made bed with clean sheets even better!


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