If you’re going to take the time to fold towels and put them away, I say fold them and put them away in a tidy way. There aren’t a lot of ‘ways’ to fold towels, but I’m going to show you how I fold them. I fold them this way because this allows them to fit in our cupboards and shelves easily, you can grab them and hang them up and they still look good, and it feels better to use a towel that is folded neatly.  Of course, if you have a different method and it works, keep going with that!

For consistency, I fold all the towels the same way:

  1. Lay flat and smooth out towel.
  2. Fold in thirds lengthwise.
  3. I fold bath towels in thirds again.
  4. Hand towels and wash cloths get folded in half to fit in our cupboards – you might want to fold in thirds, depending on your space.
  5. Stack on shelves for easy access.

Here’s a step-by-step for each type of towel:

Washcloths folded in thirds fit nicely in a cupboard and can be grabbed easily to use.

We change hand towels frequently – having them folded in thirds make it easy to grab and just place on a towel bar or towel ring. They hang smoothly and complete a spa-like look and feel in the bathrooms.

Bath towels can be cumbersome to fold because of the larger size. Laying them down on a counter or on a bed makes it easy to smooth and fold.

A couple things about towels that you might be wondering. We use white towels exclusively – I love the spa-like look and feel and I find that they hold up better over time. I typically buy the Charisma Towels from Costco (pictured) and Target or Homegoods. I use Clean Mama Oxygen Whitener (safe AND effective whitener) and Clean Mama Laundry Super Powder (Lemon + Clove) with every load of towels. I also use white vinegar as my fabric softener and Wool Dryer Balls to keep them soft and fluffy. You can find my laundry favorites here.

So simple and easy but one of those little things that makes a big difference.