If you’ve ever wondered if your home smelled like ‘dog’, I’m guessing you might welcome a couple tips to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. With a couple regularly cleaned areas and practices, your home won’t smell like a dog or dogs live there and you can open your door without wondering what it smells like to the person on the other side.

With two dogs, there are a lot of areas in the home that could get smelly in a hurry. I’ve found that with pets, cleaning and keeping things fresh is easier with frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Have a cushion or blanket for the pet and wash it frequently

Having a specific area or areas that your pet sleeps on keeps the pet oils and fur off furniture as well as keeping the smell contained to a washable area. Washing this cushion or blanket weekly or as needed will keep the scent out of your home. When our dogs were puppies, we used old bath towels in her kennel. They can quickly be washed and dried if needed and even tossed if necessary. When purchasing a bed for your pet, look for one that has a removable, washable cover. If it doesn’t have a removable cover, make sure that the bed itself is washable. If you have soft toys for your pet, toss them in the washing machine when you launder the bedding. The bed above is from Costco.

Brush and bathe frequently

Dog oils are the biggest contributors to that ‘dog smell’, so it makes sense that brushing and bathing would be the best way to keep the smell down to a minimum. Wiping feet when dogs come in from outside can also keep dirt down. Our dogs aren’t into taking baths at home (I have to have them bathed every month or two at the vet/boarding facility we use.

Ilsa and Stella tolerate this Waterless Pet Wash from Spruce (neither one are into taking baths, getting wet, or anything that involves them getting clean). You can imagine how much easier this is than fighting to give them a bath and they smell clean and just-bathed. Doesn’t Stella look so happy to be smelling fresh and clean? This is the soft, clean cloth I use to wipe clean.

Use an enzyme-based cleaner for accidents

With pet accidents it’s important to completely remove the scent of any accidents so they don’t come back to it and re-mark that area. An enzyme-based cleaner will break down the stain and any scent – this one is my favorite – I make sure to always have it on hand. It works great for kid stains too 😉

Use a lint roller

Keeping fur off furniture with a lint roller is an easy way to keep the smell out of your home. Roll fur off furniture and clothing right away and you’ll find that the smell won’t linger the way it would if you just left it.

Vacuum and wash floors regularly

I vacuum weekly (on Wednesdays) but I do sweep and vacuum up daily little messes as needed. Then on Thursdays I wash the floors. Keeping tabs on the fur is helpful to keep the smell away. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner, empty the bin after each vacuuming session to keep the oils and odors from accumulating and if you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, change the bag frequently. I always recommend purchasing the best vacuum cleaner that you can – look for one with a HEPA filter that’s made for getting pet hair and dander off and out of your floors and carpets. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner for pets and fur and deep vacuuming.

Shampoo carpets regularly

Clean carpets are the key to keeping that dog smell out of your home. I recommend purchasing an at-home carpet shampooer and having a professional carpet cleaner shampoo carpets every six months to one year. I love this carpet cleaner and I use this rug shampoo in it.

Use a natural air freshener

When all else fails, spritz something in the air to combat that dog smell. I never recommend using artificial fragrances as air fresheners. My favorite choices for air freshening are essential oils (lemon and clove are my favorite scent combination) and natural, soy-based candles. Eucalyptus and lavender are good choices for dogs – soothing and non-toxic to them – I have a Calm Home Blend of essential oils in the shop that’s perfect!

Do you have a dog or dogs? What’s your best tip for keeping your house smelling like you don’t have one?