To squeeze every drop out of the next three months it takes some planning – here are my favorite ways to make sure that we really maximize our summer. Regardless of if you are home all day with your kids, or just evenings and weekends, a little extra preparation will make your summer more enjoyable and deliberate.
Make a List
I made this Summer Fun Bucket two summers ago and we’ll do a variation on it again this year – it’s so fun to make our way through a list of fun activities all summer long.
Have a Summer Fun Bag Packed – have all the things you need to head out the door already packed in a bag so you can grab it and go. It’ll save time and help you be more spontaneous and ready to go at a moment’s notice. (bandages, towels, zip top bags, snacks, baby wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, sunscreen, bug spray…..)
Stock the Pantry with Picnic Food – be picnic ready anytime with some quick planning ahead and pantry stocking. It’ll make a quick trip to the zoo, park, bike ride, summer class, that much easier!
Have a couple fun activities ready to gobubble party, water activities, tent/fort building sheets and blankets…..
Activity books, activity books, activity books – build in quiet ‘school’ time to keep school-aged kids engaged in learning.
Establish Routines for Yourself and Kids – having morning/afternoon/evening chores for kids during the summer will keep them moving and responsible. Routines for moms are helpful too – you’ll keep your to do list moving along and make sure that the summer doesn’t turn your house into mush.
A couple routine-boosting printables sure to help? The Chore Chart Kit, the Cleaning Kit, the Fresh Start Kit and the Cute Calendar Kit.
And, the oh-so-popular Budget + Bill Pay Kit is now available EDITABLE!(If you already purchased the Budget + Bill Pay Kit, but wish you had the editable version, you can contact me and pay $7 extra (that’s the price difference) for the editable version.)