Wouldn’t you love a linen closet that looks like this?
Source: bhg.com via Becky on Pinterest
Me too, but right now I’ll take a free, and organized linen closet.
Here’s how I *quickly* organized our hallway linen closet.
(This is our hallway linen closet, not where I keep master bedroom towels and linens.)
empty closet
group like items together
(I took the tissue boxes and toilet paper out of its original packaging to give it a neater look and I grouped towels and bedding together as well)
fold towels and sheets the same way for a uniform, organized look – I like to fold our hand towels in thirds so I can hang them up quickly and bath towels are just folded in half and then in thirds
the guest bath shelf is just for guest towels so I can just grab everything on this shelf to get the bathroom ready for guests
How about you?
Do you have a linen closet that you’d like to organize for free? Need some free labels to label your closet shelves or baskets? I have a couple different types on my free printable page.