Toiletries can feel like a complex category to organize but I’ve found oversimplification is the best way to keep them neat and tidy. A few key categories and easy to access storage containers is all you need to keep toiletries organized.

handle bins found at IKEA and similar on Amazon

This is how I organize the toiletries in the built-in wall cabinet in our master bathroom. Using simple toiletry categories to organize your toiletries is effective, regardless of if you have a closet, cupboard, or a drawer. Next week I’ll share all my favorite bathroom organizers too!

Quick Tip: Writing down the categories on a sticky note is a great way to work when labeling more than a couple items and when you’re determining which categories you’re going to narrow your items down to.

Start by dividing up your items into categories:

This will vary for everyone, but look through your items and put them into general categories and continue to narrow categories down until you have them solidified. Here are my categories:

  • teeth and mouth – extra toothbrushes, electric toothbrush refills, floss
  • sun and travel – sunscreen, aloe vera, travel size toiletries
  • ear, nose, and throat – throat lozenges, cold medicine, allergy medicine, nasal spray
  • mani and pedi – nail polish, tools, etc.
  • first aid – bandages, elastic bandages, wound care
  • kids remedies – medicine, thermometers
  • heating pads
  • cotton swabs and pads – I like decanting these in containers
  • soap and bath products 
  • backstock – I like to keep a bin for extras

Once you have your categories determined, start putting your items in designated containers:

If you have smaller items in the bins, you can use smaller containers to keep them from rolling around or to keep them separate from the other items. I keep mani/pedi items in a smaller box with a lid and keep my foot pedi and lotion in the larger space.

container with a lid

In the first aid box I put bandages in a smaller box with a lid  – this keeps them from ending up all over the place in the box which is what happens if they aren’t contained a little bit.

Here’s a glimpse of the whole cabinet, we also keep washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels on the bottom three shelves.

The best thing about this system? Everything is easily accessible and labeled for easy access. It’s easy to keep it organized because it just requires putting the items back in the appropriate bin. I have this label maker – I love it!  You can also buy pre-printed labels on Amazon – these are cute!

Looking for favorites for a clean bathroom?  Head to the favorites page or go to the shop where I have all the supplies you need for a clean bathroom.