Want a quick project that will help get your kitchen organized in a hurry? Organize under the kitchen sink. Every once in a while I do a full clean out of this space and every time I do, I streamline it a little more, realize we need less, and maximize this area in the kitchen.

I don’t know about you but I open this cupboard daily and seeing it neat and tidy brings an odd sense of satisfaction. When it’s messy and cluttered it brings the opposite feeling – frustration. Want to tackle the space under your kitchen sink?

Here’s the simple step-by-step:

  1. Empty the cupboard.
  2. Put the items in 4 categories: Keep, toss/recycle, donate, relocate.
  3. Wipe down the cupboard – consider adding adhesive paper (like Con-tact paper) to the bottom shelf to protect it and make it a little more decorative.
  4. Put what’s left into categories and set up containers to keep things in. I use a handled bucket, an upcycled vase for cleaning brushes, a small dish for veggie brushes, and a turntable for kitchen cleaning supplies and cleaners. Use what you have!

Here are a couple things that I have added under the kitchen sink that keep it efficient and tidy.

I use Bar Mop Towels in the kitchen for cleaning counters – I keep them in a jar on the counter for easy access. See them in the jar below?

Once I use them for a day, I wring them out and rinse and place over the sink to air dry overnight. Then I put that cloth on a little hook on the inside of the door under the sink to finish drying.

Once the Bar Mop Towel is dry, I toss it in the handled bucket under the sink with the other dirty towels. Once I have a load of them, I wash them with our other kitchen towels.

I keep cleaners, dish soap, and my Nightly Sink Scrub on a large turntable under the kitchen sink. This keeps everything organized, easily accessible, and if there are any leaks or drips it keeps them contained to the turntable.

You can find my favorite products in my Clean Mama shop and in my Amazon favorites here – look under the Kitchen section.

If you’re looking to make a little progress under the kitchen sink, clean it out, organize it for efficiency, and keep it tidy. With a little effort, this simple project can give your kitchen a little mini update.