Dust is inevitable but it’s also easier to keep up with it and remove it rather than trying to tackle after it’s built up. Dusting can be a task to put off, but when it’s built up it can make your home feel dirty and it can affect your air quality in your home. A few simple tools and a little effort will go a long way to keeping dust out of your home for good!

Dusting Wand - Clean MamaDusting Wand

If you’re doing extra dusting with spring cleaning, you might suddenly feel like your home is super dusty. Spring cleaning has a way of showing you all sorts of dust in places you didn’t know were dusty. After the house has been closed up for a season, dust can definitely make an appearance in areas you didn’t know could get dusty.

How to Remove Dust from Your Home

There are all sorts of ways to remove dust from your home – here are my favorite multi-purpose methods.

I keep my weekly dusting essentials in a little caddy – I like having everything at the ready for Tuesday (Tuesday is Dusting Day) and I’ve found that keeping it all in one place is convenient and keeps me from wasting time looking for supplies and tools.

Why dust on Tuesdays?

Dusting should always come before vacuuming because you are whipping up dust as you dust and you want to be able to vacuum the dust up.  New to the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine?  Go here. Curious what products I use? Go here.

3 Tips to Keep Up with the Dust

  1. Dusting consistently is key to keeping up with the dusting. I find that weekly dusting works for this – if I see a little dust on a table during the week I either ignore it or do a quick wipe down.
  2. Keep less on the surfaces so it’s quick and easy to dust.
  3. Change furnace and air filters when it’s recommended for your home system.

Tips & Tricks to Eliminate Dust and Keep It Away

For weekly dusting, use a dusting wand and quickly move through the house dusting each and every surface. When surfaces need a little more cleaning and polishing (every month or so), use a Clean Mama cleaning cloth with a dusting and cleaning spray. Need a dusting spray? Try this one – it’s awesome!

DIY Citrus Wood Polish

You can also find the weekly dusting must-haves on the Favorites page – you’ll find products for cleaning by day of the week and favorite product links.

How about you? Ready to start dusting?  What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to dusting?