Have you ever reached to grab a shirt only to notice it has a spot or spots on the front of it? You’re not sure where they came from but now it’s too late to treat the stain. Typically these stains are from cooking or food splatters are typically not detected until it’s too late. I’ve been working on a way to remove these stains because I get them too and have finally landed on a process that works perfectly on fresh and previously washed/dried clothing.

Here’s what you need:

The Simple Steps (and why they work):

  1. Wet the spot with water – this preps the stain and gets it ready to absorb the ingredients.
  2. Add a drop of castile or dish soap – this cuts any oil or grease and starts to break it down.
  3. Sprinkle with a little corn starch – this absorbs the oil.
  4. Rub in with a small brush or your finger – this works the solution into the fibers and breaks down the stain even further.
  5. Wash with your favorite laundry detergent and dry as usual.

Grab your shirts with the spots and get ready to remove those pesky spots!  Tell me how this works for you!