Dusting and furniture care may or not be on your radar, but if you have furniture and woodwork in your home, you can benefit from putting together a bucket or caddy with some products and tools that you will need at some point. I enjoy taking good care of furniture and woodwork – it makes your home look better and most definitely will make your furniture last longer.

I keep my furniture and dusting caddy in my cleaning closet. It’s easily accessible and holds just about everything I ever need for doing a little furniture polishing and maintenance.

I keep my weekly dusting essentials in the bucket – I like having everything at the ready for Tuesday (Tuesday is dusting day) and I’ve found that keeping it all in one place is convenient and keeps me from wasting time looking for supplies and tools.

Why do I dust on Tuesdays?

Dusting should always come before vacuuming because you are whipping up dust as you dust and you want to be able to vacuum the dust up.  New to the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine?  Go here. Curious what products I use? Go here.

3 Tips to Keep Up with the Dust

  1. Dusting consistently is key to keeping up with the dusting. I find that weekly dusting works for this – if I see a little dust on a table during the week I either ignore it or do a quick wipe down.
  2. Keep less on the surfaces so it’s quick and easy to dust.
  3. Change air filters when it’s recommended for your home system.

What’s my quick-clean dusting method?

  1. Dust all the flat surfaces, lifting up and removing items as you go. If you spot something that needs to be put elsewhere or tossed out, put it in a basket and deal with it later today.
  2. Work quickly and eliminate distractions to complete this dusting adventure.
  3. Once you’ve conquered one room, move to the next, and so on. Finish on the main level of your home with a top-to-bottom, left-to-right approach.

For weekly dusting, I simply use a microfiber duster and quickly move through the house dusting each and every surface. When surfaces need a little more cleaning and polishing (every month or so), I use my Clean Mama Home Utility microfiber cloth with a dusting and cleaning spray. (My favorite is Better Life Naturally Dust Defying Wood Polish). You can also see my weekly dusting must-haves on my Around the House page on the blog – I detail some favorites for cleaning by day of the week and provide links for products as well.

These products are great for polishing furniture, covering up scratches, and making worn wood shine. I keep them in the caddy so I can use them as necessary – if I’m dusting and see a scratch, I’ll correct it on the spot in lieu of waiting for another time.

There you have it – a quick and easy bucket of favorite weekly and as-needed tools to dust and shine every inch of the home. What’s your favorite dusting product or tool?