Spring Cleaning might seem like an old and novel approach to cleaning but I’m here to show you how you can do a little spring cleaning even when you’re busy! I love spring cleaning and sharing my tips and tricks with you and I want you to find a little joy in the process too.

It’s Spring Cleaning Month!

Instead of looking at a big to-do list of all the things you don’t know when you’ll get to, think of it more as a day-to-day approach to spring cleaning. Just like the Clean Mama Routine, you’re going to think, ‘everyday a little something’. It doesn’t have to be everything but if you add a task or two every day that you can during the month of March (and April if you need to), you’ll find that you almost tricked yourself into Spring Cleaning.

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The purpose of Prep Week is to get our checklists ready, supplies ready and gear up for Spring Cleaning. If you have any questions, feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, please reach out and ask me for help.  I am here to help you succeed!

How to Spring Clean When You Don’t Have Time

Spring cleaning will take time, but so does regular cleaning. It’s maintenance and when you spend a couple minutes every day doing a little bit of cleaning, it WILL save you time all week long. I know in our house, spring is when the kids’ activities start up and schedules fill up. If you want to clean or spring clean, how do you make time for it? Look at your schedule or your day and look for a couple time slots that you can move around. Think you don’t have time? Look at your phone usage and I bet you have at least 15 – 30 minutes during most days that you can spare. Think about the time you spend not as time wasted, but when you clean and declutter, you actually end up saving time in the long run and you’ll actually feel better too.

Make the time. Decide when you’ll make the time to spring clean and jot it down. Gone all day and exhausted when you get home? Choose 2-3 days a week when you’ll do a task or two before you leave for work or when you get home. Ask your family members for help. I’ve been known to pay in the form of ice cream or a special toy in exchange for help. There’s nothing magical about the days of the week – if you want to set aside Saturday mornings for the month of March and tackle the cleaning, do it. Home all day with littles, decide on what the optimal time is to get some spring cleaning done, but realize that it might not happen how you planned it. Be flexible and realistic. If you have kids of preschool age and up, make them a spring cleaning bucket (wand duster, water in a spray bottle, and a microfiber or cotton cleaning cloth) and have them help you.

Consider your mindset. Be positive and do your best and most of all, have some fun with your cleaning. Spring cleaning is time well spent – your home will be ready for spring and summer and you’ll feel better about your home. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to do the cleaning, do your best, work at your own pace, and enjoy the process.

Follow the Clean Mama Routine
– if you haven’t tried the Clean Mama Routine but you want to do some spring cleaning, start with the Daily Tasks and add the spring cleaning to those OR set a timer for 15 minutes each day and do what you can. I developed and refined the Clean Mama Routine throughout the past 15-20 years – the final tweaks that you see today are what came from working 60+ hours a week, traveling for my job, starting Clean Mama, and being pregnant with our third. When the routine helped us keep our home in order during that chaotic time when the last thing I wanted to do was clean, I knew I was on to something. You’re too busy not to try it – trust me!

As you become familiar with the Routine it will take less time and you’ll be building habits that will help you keep your home consistently clean. I share my Weekly Tasks every day on Instagram – follow along here: @cleanmama

You can find these downloads on the Free Printables page, go grab them if you need a full-how to:

The Clean Mama Routine is also available in the Cozi + Clean Mama app. Go here to sign up!Are you ready to get started! I’ll be back later this week with a post on my favorite DIY cleaning supplies, a sale in the shop, and more!

If you’re looking for an in-depth cleaning guide, my brand-new PDF packet, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Clean Home: Finding Peace in Your Routine has amazing checklists, a quick-start guide, DIY cleaning recipes and more. Check it out here.

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