Last week we talked about mail and setting up a mail station. Once you have a mail station, you are ready to conquer the bill clutter. (I know that bills are mail, but to me it’s much more manageable and less overwhelming to break it down a little bit.)
The obvious ways to eliminate bill clutter is to do electronic bill pay through your bank or through websites like  Manilla or But…there will still be bills that come in the mail and you will need some sort of a system to check off bills, balance your checkbook, know that things are paid on time, and shred or save bills. Personally, I do a hybrid of online bill pay through the bank and mailing bills in. Today we’re going to look at a couple ways to sort bills and organize that area of paper clutter. So it’ll be a round-up of bill paying cuteness and inspiration and ideas – ready?
Here’s an idea to use file folders – one for bill pay stuff and the other for receipts


Very simple idea, but totally effective.


Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons has amazing tips in this series on organizing your finances.
Looking for what you need to store your bills once you’ve paid them? Here are some recommended supplies:
Once you pay your bills, put them in the correct month’s file – save for the year and then shred. Keeping stamps, address labels/stamp, pens, pencils and a calculator grouped together will make your bill paying simple and easy.
Later this week, I’ll share how I use my Budget + Bill Pay Kit to organize my bills.
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