We’ve been working through letting go of paper clutter over the past few weeks, tackling areas and methods to eliminate the stream of paper and piles. Today we’re talking about CARD STORAGE! Perfect for this time of year, no? I’m not talking about cute displays for your Christmas cards that you see all over the place this time of year, I’m talking about what you do after the birthday or holiday is over. Do you keep them, toss them, save them in a special place? I don’t keep all cards, but the special ones I do save. My ‘organization method’ for cards is a ziploc bag with the event and year on them. Totally not archivally safe and not a great method, but at least it’s a step better than crammed in the back of a drawer, right? So I’m working through this with you and I’m here today to provide some ideas for cards storage for all of us. Here are a couple ideas that I’ve rounded up….
cute idea if you only save a couple really special cards


use an expandable file folder – divide by person, year, event…
this could work, but the cards would have to be on the smaller side
my favorite idea – cute covered box for card storage


 So….do you have a great method to share your sentimental card storage?
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