How about a little organized bill paying? Bill paying is inevitable and it typically isn’t very cute. I am a visual learner and person, so bills are not my forte. But, add a little cuteness to them and I am totally on board. This is how I keep track of my bills – what needs to be paid, what’s been paid, saved, and progress on debt. (You could easily do this with a notebook and pen, a binder, a folder….anything that works for you – I am just showing you how I handle the bill paying.)


Today’s post is one to get you thinking about how you pay your bills – is there a better way for you to track things? Are you sick of having stacks of bills? This week’s challenge is to see what can you do to simplify your bills and bill paying.
 I used a report cover and plastic dividers with pockets
then I used the free template that came with the plastic dividers to make six sections/tabs (checklist, due 1-15, due 16-31, savings, debt, budget)
use the pockets to keep track of savings and debt repayment ( I don’t know about you, but seeing my savings and debt on paper is very motivating)
I keep the budget at the very back of the folder – it’s for 3 months at a time, so it’s nice to see three months laid out in front of me.
What’s helpful for you to keep your bills in order and organized?
I used my Budget + Bill Pay Kit from my shop for this post – if you are interested, I sell it in brights and aqua + lime versions.
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