Monday I talked about reducing your mail clutter – hopefully you’ve been able to make some progress on your mail situation the last couple days. Today, let’s talk about setting up a mail station.
Why set up a mail station?
Creating a space to drop your mail, pay your bills, etc. is a step towards less paper piles and a more organized household.
What’s in my mail station?
You need to decide what will most effectively work for you in your home for a mail station, but here are some ideas:
in/out containers
pens, pencils
paper shredder
letter opener
phone charger
addresses/phone numbers (rolodex)
catch-all container (chapstick, nail clipper, keys, extra garage door opener, wallet)
Here’s my mail station – I’ve labeled the picture so you can see where I’ve put my supplies.
What are some must-haves for you in your mail station? Anything I left out?
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