The brand-new 2023-24 Homekeeping Planners have arrived! With three covers to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect planner to organize your schedule and life. This week we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for using the Homekeeping Planner, how to set it up and start using it as soon as it arrives at your door.

Homekeeping Planner

Key Features of the Homekeeping Planner and How to Use Them

The Homekeeping Planner was created out of a desperate need for a place to keep track of everything in my head and on the calendar. I wanted a simple way to track home tasks and calendar items and after years of changes and iterations, I am thrilled to share the best Homekeeping Planner yet!  It includes just the right mix of pre-filled tasks with plenty of room for your own to-dos too. Come see what it’s all about and get ready to organize your life with this simple tool.

Undated Monthly Calendars

Every month starts out with monthly calendars, this shows you a quick view of your commitments, use it to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, from kids’ activities to important meetings. You’ll also find a vertical to-do list included on every monthly calendar, perfect for jotting down everything you need to accomplish in the month.

Daily & Weekly Checklists

To keep track of your Daily Tasks, the Homekeeping Planner features a week on two pages format. List your tasks for each day, and as you complete them, check them off. This gives you a clear picture of your week with two columns that can be separated into categories or it can be used as a two column checklist.

Meal Planning

Every day has a dedicated spot for meal planning. By planning meals ahead, you can streamline your grocery shopping and avoid the last-minute scramble. Choose a day to do your grocery planning and shopping – Catch-All Day Fridays work great for this!

Cleaning Schedules

Here’s where the magic happens. You’ll find the complete Clean Mama Routine organized throughout the Homekeeping Planner taking the guesswork out of what needs to be cleaned and when it needs to be done.

The pre-filled cleaning schedules allow you to divide your cleaning tasks and save time and energy. Rotate through different areas of your home every month. By sticking to the plan, no area is neglected, and your house stays sparkling clean.

Notes Sections

Every month includes an Important Dates to Remember, Goals for the Month, and a Quick Declutter Date spot. At the end of each month is also a Monthly Checklist as well as a Space for Notes. At the back of the Home section you’ll also find 4 Space for Notes pages perfect for keeping track of any home goals or tasks.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Homekeeping Planner

  • Keep your Homekeeping Planner somewhere central, where you can easily see and access it.
  • Be realistic with your tasks – it’s okay if you can’t accomplish everything on the list.
  • Make it a habit to review your planner in the morning and in the evening.
  • Involve your family in the planning process – after all, homekeeping is a team sport!

The goal of the Homekeeping Planner is not to add stress to your life, but to help you organize and manage your home in a way that fits your family’s needs and schedule. Use it in a way that suits you best – customize it, make it your own.Keeping your home clean and organized makes everything run smoothly and makes for a calm and cozy space. I hope this guide helps you to make the most of your Homekeeping Planner, I can’t wait to hear about your cleaner, more organized homes.