It’s sweater season and that means that you probably have a couple that might need to head to the dry cleaners. There’s a safer, no chemical, cheaper and better way – wash them at home.


Here’s how to wash your sweaters at home:

Use a mild, liquid detergent (I like the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo by The Laundress)

Pre-Treat any spots with the detergent

Gently rub the detergent into the stain

Place sweater(s) in washing machine

Wash on gentle/delicate or a wool setting and in cold water – this is extremely important, failing to wash on cold and gentle/delicate can ruin your sweaters!

Once the washer has finished its cycle, remove the sweater(s) and place on a clean, large bath towel

Roll the sweater up in the towel and ‘block’ it – I step on the sweater while it’s rolled up in the towel a bit to absorb any excess water

Then I place the sweater flat on top of the dryer to dry

Alternatively you can also use a drying rack to dry your sweaters

Once your sweaters are dry, fold and put them away!

Instead of dropping your sweaters off at the dry cleaners, try this simple technique to wash your sweaters at home.

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