I’m a paper towel addict. I could easily “smoke” through a roll a day. They are just so convenient. I use them to wipe hands, faces, counters, floors…..

But, they aren’t cheap and it’s very wasteful and it adds to the piles in the landfills. These are all things that I am concerned with. I’m not quitting cold turkey – I love paper towels and will continue to use them – I just need to use LESS of them – It’s getting ridiculous.
So I needed to devise a plan to work on this problem. Here’s the plan (it’s working well):
I have a sponge and a scrub brush for washing dishes (these go through the dishwasher every night to sanitize them). I bought these neutral colored pop-up sponges for the countertops and keep them in a cute little dish on my windowsill. (I love this new 3M Scotch Brite line of greener products.)  These also go through the dishwasher every night to sanitize. I spray down my countertops, table, chairs and highchair with my Basic H2 All-Purpose cleaner (see this post). I wipe with a damp sponge and let the surfaces air-dry. No paper towels necessary.
It isn’t a perfect plan, but it is helping with my addiction.