March 31, 2015

Introducing : Clean Mama Essentials Kit

CleanMamaEssentialKit-Clean Mama

UPDATE:  This kit has sold out!
I am over-the-moon excited to introduce you to a limited edition collaboration with one of my favorite companies, Murchison-Hume – the CLEAN MAMA ESSENTIALS KIT!

Keeping a clean house doesn’t have to be difficult! With the right products, you can clean your home with ease and enjoy the process. Murchison-Hume is the perfect combination function meets style. I love that Murchison-Hume products are plant-based, safe, and natural products, but I am over the moon with how they clean! The subtle scents and attractive packaging make clean beautiful.
The CLEAN MAMA ESSENTIALS KIT brings you four of my favorite Murchison-Hume products that are essential to every household paired with an adorable Clean Mama/Murchison-Hume Tote. You’ll quickly fall in love with the fig scent and start forgetting how much you don’t like to clean.
  • COUNTER SAFE can be used on any counter surface, even granite and marble! Its pH neutral formula ensures that you can spray it all over your kitchen for safe and effective cleaning.
  • THE BOYS’ BATHROOM CLEANER is a must for any home and if you have boys, you’ll love it even more. I spray the entire toilet, sink, and tub, let it sit for a couple minutes to work its no-smelly-bathroom powers and wipe clean.
  • Once you’ve spruced up those bathrooms, move on to your furniture with the EVERYDAY FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERY CLEANER. Spray directly on surfaces or spray on a cloth and wipe away any dust.
  • Once you’ve cleaned your home it’s time to wash those floors. The EFFORTLESS FLOOR CLEANER lives up to its name – spray directly on any floor surface, wipe with your favorite floor mop or fill up your refillable mop and enjoy the ease of having the spray at the ready.

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