The last few months have not been easy and right now I’m craving some sense of normalcy and some motivation to give our home a little refresh before the next season. I have a feeling that you might be feeling that way too? If you need support and help as you give your home a refresh, I am here for you and so ready to work together in our homes to create a retreat from what’s going on outside those four walls.

Think about how you want your home to FEEL – calm, cozy, and tidy? Warm and inviting? No more piles and a system that really works for keeping the clutter away for good?  Let’s take care of the piles and put some order to the chaos before the next season.

I created a simple system to help us get started and get past the mess to find calm and order. Want to join me? 

I know that those little results lead to bigger results, habits, and a new sense of calm in our homes. When so much feels out of our control, I am so excited to share Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh with you to help you get BIG Results quickly and with ease. 

Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh is priced at only $15 – that includes a 17 page pdf AND the event with Facebook Lives and a support group.

Heads-up: This is an event with a pdf guide – if you want to participate, you have to grab it by August 23rd so you can join in August 24th!

Let’s clear some clutter together!

If you’re overwhelmed, feeling the clutter build up, need a little or a big reset, a launching point, or just what you need to get things back to normal, the 5 Day Home Refresh is for you!

If clutter equals stress, let’s clear some clutter together, reduce our stress and some systems in place to keep the clutter away for good.

Do you want a decluttered house? Give me a few minutes a day, and I’ll give you a decluttered home.

WHAT: In just 5 days you’ll find your biggest clutter spots in your home, clear the clutter, AND learn the system to keep it clear for good.

WHEN:  August 24th-28th – Daily FB LIVE coaching and a private FB support group


  • Do you need to have Facebook to participate? NO, you can do the 5 Day Home Refresh on your own and without the group and the group support. The price is the same.
  • I want to start right away. Do I have to wait?  Of course not! Start right away – we’ll be pre-starting in the group on 8/12/20.
  • I have little kids, big kids, a job, I’m not really into dealing with clutter. How much time will this take?  The 5 Day Home Refresh is a 5 DAY event. Give the event how ever much time you can – 10 focused minutes a day is enough for real change!
  • I’m new to Clean Mama, should I have the Clean Mama Routine ‘down’ before doing this?  NO!  Do not wait, this might be just what you need to get you started!
  • Can I watch the lives anytime? They will be saved in the Facebook group for you to watch at your leisure.
  • Can I get a refund?  No refunds on PDFs due to the nature of the product.

We’ll be choosing 5 Clutter Spots, taking before and after pictures and working through our homes together. It’s going to be so. much. fun!

Grab the 5 Day Home Refresh now, join the private Facebook group via the link in the pdf and mark your planner or calendar for August 24-28 and get ready to clear some clutter together!

Grab the 5 Day Home Refresh now!

Please note: This is an event – this product will only be available through August 23rd. It might come back as another event, but you will only be able to participate in this round if you purchase before 8/24/2020.