It’s March 1st – let’s get ready for spring cleaning with a SPRING CLEANING SALE in the shop this week! Don’t miss the brand-new Spring Cleaning Guide – it’s intro-priced for the sale too! Fill your cart and stock up!  Use the coupon code FRESHENUP – sale ends 3/5/2023.

I’m so excited to share the brand-new Spring Cleaning Guide in the shop today – it’s intro-priced at $10 and you can use the coupon for an additional 15% off!

All-New Spring Cleaning Guide!

If you’ve been looking at the Homekeeping Planner or the Quarterly Daily Planners, they’re marked down to $39.99 from $58  PLUS you can get 15% off – grab it now! Stock up with automatic free shipping on your order of $125+!

Planners & Paper Goods


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Want to see all the Clean Mama Bundles?  Go here! All bundles are already marked down PLUS you can use the coupon codes for an additional 15% off!

Not sure what to shop for?

Stock up on laundry and cleaning supplies – I use Oxygen Whitener for laundry and for cleaning. If you haven’t tried it yet, grab a bag so you’ll have it for spring cleaning. I even use it in my carpet cleaner. I use the Laundry Detergent Spray for washing everything from clothing to curtains and sofa cushion covers.

If you haven’t shopped all the Cleaning Cloths, Towels, and Sponges, now is the time to stock up – perfect for all your Spring Cleaning needs.  Don’t miss the DIY supplies too!

If you are looking for a community to work on spring cleaning with, we’re working on Spring Cleaning as our Monthly Focus for March in the Homekeeping Society Membership. I do 2 lives every month and this month we’re talking all about spring cleaning!  There’s also a brand new feature available for annual members that we’re announcing today too!  Join us here – you can use the same coupon code FRESHENUP for $10 off a monthly membership or the annual membership during the Spring Cleaning Sale!

Homekeeping Society Membership