I’ve found some fun things this week to share with you!  An image that stopped my scroll on Instagram, a fall inspired protein bite recipe from Minimalist Baker, the new-to-me country music playlist, a and the childrens’ book recommendations from Read Aloud Revival. Lastly, take a peek under my sink and see how I organize that often cluttered spot over on my blog.

I saw this photo on Instagram and it felt like a picture from my childhood. That classic house, the Jeep Wagoneer, fall perfection.

via Serena & Lilly ????: @jackiegreaney

Looking for a fall inspired healthier treat? My kids love grabbing protein bites to put in their lunch or snag for an easy snack. 

via Minimalist Baker

Little known fact I haven’t shared before – I like country music. My daughter came across this one and I’ve been listening to it all week. If you’re into country music (or not) check it out 🙂

via Spotify

If you are struggling to find books for your kids that are high quality and age appropriate, I highly recommend checking out this one. Read Aloud Revival consistently has fantastic book suggestions that my kids have loved. 

via Read Aloud Revival

The cupboard underneath the kitchen sink can often be a wasteland of clutter and random cleaners. This week I shared what I keep under ours and how I organize it with minimal effort. Check it out here.

What have you come across this week that has inspired you? Are you feeling fall-ish yet?

A couple Clean Mama Items:

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The 2022 Homekeeping Planner is officially in stock! The Classic and Citrus covers are going to be the first to sell out – grab yours now if you’re interested.

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Here’s a peek at the interior you can see more images here. I’m most excited about the added space for to-dos. Here’s a glimpse of the weekly page layout….

Did you see the Fall Quarterly?  It’s one of my favorite things on the site – a quiet approach to homekeeping and an invitation to slow down. I share my Pumpkin Pie Spice recipe, my Fall Cleaning Checklist and an invitation for a simpler fall. Check it out here.