I have some fun finds for you this week that I have been looking forward to sharing. I hope you’re having a great week and enjoying the official wind-down of summer. We’ve been visiting family and soaking up the last few weeks of a summer schedule.

We made the chocolate granola from Minimalist Baker and I highly recommend it. Everyone loved it, including our picky granola eater. If you are planning a vacation or trip and need some freezer meals to to pack, check out the options from Thriving Home. Lastly, I love the planters that Chris Loves Julia shared and am thinking about what I could add to our patio. Be sure to snag my free monthly Homekeeping calendar to help with the August craziness. 

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I switched up our normal granola routine and added this delicious chocolate granola from Minimalist Baker to our breakfast this week. So delicious! It is totally worth doubling and you can even freeze it if it happens to last that long.

via Minimalist Baker

Do you have a trip planned before the end of the summer and want to pack a couple of meals for your family to bring along? These freezer meals from Thriving Home look so good!

via Thriving Home

One of my favorite things to do in the late Spring as soon as the weather has warmed up is fill our planters for our front porch. After seeing some of the planter recommendations from Chris Loves Julia, I am tempted to add some to our back patio too. Check out the post for all the sources and details.

via Chris Loves Julia

Be sure to snag your free August Homekeeping calendar to help start your month off right. August can feel a little crazy in our home, so I am thankful to keep myself grounded with my routine.

Free August Calendar

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