Hello and happy Friday to you. Ready for a fall inspired roundup this week? I have found myself drawn to all the fall things even though our temps are creeping up to 80 degrees. I can’t help myself. 

I came across a fun fall bucket list from The Every Girl as well as some beautiful Southern Living planter inspiration. I love meal prepping and ingredient prepping and especially appreciated the ideas and resources from Greatist. Lastly, I shared how I clean and organize our fridge to make it functional for the craziness of life. 

I love a good bucket list and I love fall, so this list from The Every Girl was especially fun. The nostalgia of childhood baking especially sings to me. 

via The Every Girl 

We are in the midst of a busy season with kids activities after school. I am leaning extra hard on meal prep and whatever I can make ahead to make life easier. I appreciate the simplicity and thoroughness from Greatist about all the best foods for making ahead and how to do so. 

via Greatist

How beautiful are these fall inspired planters from Southern Living? Do you do fall planters? My summer planters are looking a little sad, I’m thinking it’s time for a fall refresh!

via Southern Living

A tidy and organized fridge can make such a different in my mindset. It makes mealtime easier, lunch making for the kids simpler and it just feels plain good. Take a look at my post from this week about how I clean and organize our fridge to make it more functional.

Fridge Organization via Clean Mama

A couple Clean Mama items you won’t want to miss and couple dates to save!

  • New planners and paper goods have officially launched – I love these tools for keeping everything organized AND clean! If you were looking at the plant Homekeeping Planners, they are starting to get low…