Hello and happy Friday! How is your 2023 starting out? We are back at school with a full week this week and winter activities and sports are gearing up again. I enjoy the quieter months of our Midwestern winters and am hoping that we can see some good old fashioned snow before spring. It has been a pretty brown winter so far. 

On to my finds for this week. I have loved Epicurious for a long time and had such fun looking at their top recipes of all time. I always love some fresh  meal prep ideas and The Every Girl had some delicious options to make life a little easier around meal time. Be sure to check out The Nester’s fantastic post about how to quiet a home. So many of her ideas resound with me. Lastly, I shared a new post on my blog about how to involve your family using the Clean Mama Routine. It works – I promise!

I have been a long time follower of Epicurious going way back to my Bon Appetit magazine subscription years ago. I love roundups and lists of favorites and enjoyed some of these familiar and new-to-me recipes. Flourless chocolate cake anyone?

via Epicurious

You know I love to meal prep! This list of 20 dinners from The Every Girl looks so good. I am planning on picking one or two of these to make grab and go lunches easier and healthier to boot. 

via The Every Girl

I adore Myquillyn Smith (aka The Nester) and resounded with so many of her thoughts about quieting your home. If you look around your home and feel overwhelmed with the “stuff”, get ready to get inspired. 

via The Nester

I shared a new post this week on my blog all about how to include your family with the day to day cleaning. Whether you have little kids or big kids, you can easily iclude them with my routine in your home. Check it out!

3 Ways to Include Your Family in the Clean Mama Routine

How’s your January starting out?  Need some help getting started with a cleaning routine for the year? Check out Homekeeping Society!