Hello, hello! How has your week been? We have had a nice and steady week and Valentine’s Day to celebrate. We don’t go overboard for the holiday, but I do enjoy making a special meal, exchanging cards and of course picking up some fancier than usual treats from our local chocolate shop. It’s so good!

On to sharing my finds from this week. We love Trader Joe’s at our house and I love finding new things to try there. I loved looking through customer’s favorites from this past year and found some new things to add to our list. If you are stuck with choosing a greige paint color or just love looking at options, check out Jenna Sue Design’s post with practical and helpful tips. 

Love a good Trader Joe’s recommendation? Me too! I had so much fun reading through the annual customer choice award winners and have about ten things I want to try now. If you haven’t ever made your own pizza sauce, I highly recommend you try the delicious recipe from Joy Food Sunshine. It’s so good! I also included one of my favorite pizza crust recipes too. Lastly, be sure to check out my new post about how to implement my routine when you work outside the home. 

via Trader Joe’s

I absolutely love perusing paint chips and choosing new paint colors. Jenna Sue Design does a beautiful job explaining how to choose the best color for your home in easy to understand terms and realistic photographs. 

via Jenna Sue Design

We had pizza on the menu this weekend. When I opened the pantry to pull out a jar of pizza sauce, I discovered that I did not in fact grab it at the grocery store. Rather than making another trip,  I followed Joy Food Sunshine’s easy as can be directions and absolutely loved the results. 

via Joy Food Sunshine

Wondering what pizza crust recipe I use and love? King Arthur Flour has a fantastic one.

via King Arthur Flour

No matter what your schedule looks like or whether you work from home or outside of the home, I promise that my routine is doable and practical. I have a fresh, new post with tips for the work outside the home schedule. 

A Cleaning Routine for the Work-Outside-the-Home Mom

Did you see the new Guide to Kitchens in the shop? It’s perfect for the Monthly Focus of the Kitchen!