November 9, 2018

It’s the Little Things #21

Happy Friday!  Here are my favorites from the week with you – it might be a quote, a print, what I’m reading, a favorite podcast, a playlist, a recipe, a helpful tip, a cleaning product, or something I added to our home. Basically if it’s something little that I feel is shareable or if it’s something I’d bring up to a friend over coffee or on the phone, I’m probably going to share it with you here. Here’s a link to all of the posts in this series.

First up?  Just a little annoyance – Thanksgiving in the US comes BEFORE Christmas.  I love Christmas and all things holidays but I also like to relax and enjoy fall a little bit before jumping head first into Christmas.  Is it just me?  Or do you want to just slow things down a little bit too?  I’m not terribly extreme.  I have played Christmas music and diffused a holiday scent or two but I just want to take one thing at a time.  That said, let’s talk about Thanksgiving, shall we?  I’m hosting (I love hosting!) and I’m going through recipes this week and thinking about the menu.  I spotted this on Pinch of Yum – such a great round-up if you need some ideas.

In that same vein of slowing things down, I’ve found that there are few things that bring me more discontentment than social media. This time of the year and all year long, I want to have a sense of gratitude and contentment and the constant stream of doing more, being more, buying more, and going going going just isn’t for me.  I have great goals and aspirations for myself, family, and business and lots of things coming in 2019, but I guess I’m curious if I’m the only one?  Maybe it’s a movement that I’m just not on board with, or maybe I’m more retro than reality.  I hope you know that every time I do a post here on the blog or on social media, I think about if it’s helpful, uplifting, and encouraging to you.  I never want you to feel like you aren’t making progress or feeling accomplished just because you didn’t get to your cleaning task today.  I hope you feel support and help and grace in the dailies when you come here or interact with me.  I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

One of my all-time favorite quotes lettered via 1Canoe2 – perfect for cozying up for the end of the year.

When I did the new iPhone update and saw the time that was spent on my phone it gave me great pause.  Granted, I do run a business online and have a social media presence, but it really caused me to reflect about how and when I use my phone.  The only social media app I do have on my phone is Instagram but I’ve been hiding it on weekends but over the next couple months I will probably delete it for the weekend and then re-install it on Sunday night or Monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, social media is super fun most of the time but I think it’s equally important to put up some boundaries when necessary and my personality is one that needs them.  Here’s a post I wrote awhile ago about doing a screen time detox.

I love goal-setting for the new year and if you can’t tell by the tone of this post, I’ve been doing a lot of assessing and decision-making about Clean Mama and the direction we’re going and I’m happy to report that you’ll be seeing more of me on social media but when you do see me, now you know my intentions.  I’ll be doing more lives and more clean with me style videos, all with the purpose of helping you feel accomplished, fulfilled, and empowered to clean your home in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get on to more important things!  Thank you for following along (if you aren’t following me on Instagram, that’s where you’ll see me!) I’m still on all the other apps, that’s just where I’ll be doing LIVES and stories – and if you have ANY feedback, please leave me a comment here or drop me an email.

What have you been enjoying this week? Any little things to share?

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It’s the Little Things