January 25, 2019

It’s the Little Things #32

Happy Friday!  Here are my favorites from the week with you – it might be a quote, a print, what I’m reading, a favorite podcast, a playlist, a recipe, a helpful tip, a cleaning product, or something I added to our home. Basically if it’s something little that I feel is shareable or if it’s something I’d bring up to a friend over coffee or on the phone, I’m probably going to share it with you here. Here’s a link to all of the posts in this series.

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and think, why am I following this person?  Is what they talk about helping me?  Is it worth the minutes every day?  I hope you’re following me @cleanmama and find it uplifting and helpful. I follow very few people on Instagram and I have set some pretty tight boundaries for myself — because I cannot be trusted, ha!  Someone that I LOVE to follow?  Marian from Miss Mustard Seed.  Here’s why:  She’s an extremely creative and a business owner, a mom and an artist and her home is beautiful and she loves ironstone (me too!).  Just look at her kitchen island.

image via Miss Mustard Seed

Her Instastories of the process of how and why she does things is fascinating to me.  As a former art teacher I look at her painting and am trying to figure out how/when I can get back to painting and drawing again.  I might need to grab a little notebook and just start again – one of these days. Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently for how I freshen fabrics naturally – I thought I’d point you to my DIY Lemon + Lavender Fabric Freshener Spray in case you haven’t seen it either?  It’s light, refreshing and works perfectly on any fabric you are looking to freshen up a bit. And let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with lemon and lavender.

Did you see my announcement for my new book, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home?  Make sure you pre-order it – it’s a little book that is sure to truly change your life and health in simple ways.  I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you – look for more in the coming months.  It’s going to be SO good!

I’m loving seeing your progress and participation in The Clutter Challenge – are you in?  It’s not too late to join, head to this post to catch up.  Follow along on Instagram and tag me!

What have you been enjoying this week? Any little things to share?

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It’s the Little Things